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After-sales Service

Our always puts the after-sales service of equipment in the first place, better understands your requirement and improves the quality of our after-sales service; “Quality First, Customer First” is the principle that our company serves customers.

  1. The equipment is freely installed and debugged, and free training is provided for the daily use of equipment operators, the determination of common faults, emergency solutions and safety knowledge.
  2. The warranty period of our company’s large-scale equipment is one year from the equipment qualified date of manufacture and lifetime maintenance, free on-site maintenance during the warranty period (except for faults or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena).
  3. When the user fails in use, after receiving the device failure notification, the response is resolved within 2 hours and solved. If it is not resolved, it will arrive at the scene in the shortest time to solve the problem until the device is in normal use.
  4. During the warranty period, the following conditions will be implemented for paid maintenance services.

(1) Damage caused by man-made or irresistible natural phenomena.

(2) Failure or damage due to improper operation.

(3) Damaged by someone else’s repair.

  1. For maintenance and repair of products exceeding the warranty period, the user shall bear the cost of repair, consumable parts and transportation costs. The user shall provide corresponding preparations before the installation and commissioning, and actively cooperate.

The whole process monitoring: the customer only needs phone call and email, and the after-sales service department adopts the one-stop mode, the first question responsibility system, the whole process monitoring implementation and tracking the processing results to ensure customer satisfaction.

Full care service: use information resources to establish a complete customer profile, solve problems in the use of customer products through technical services, and provide product consultation and guidance through regular telephone callback service.

Improve the communication and coordination mechanism: Improve communication, improve the timeliness, accuracy, and market penetration of information transmission, listen to users’ voices, and understand customer wishes.