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Project Description

The backyard roller coaster is an outdoor amusement rides with a track center of 800mm and a track length of about 260m. Which is also called family roller coaster and samll roller coaster.

The train consists of 7 standard cars and 1 first car. Both standard and front cars can take 2 people, and each train can take 16 people.

Backyard roller coaster is one of the very welcomed roller coasters with medium size and passengers on it have lower thrilling feelings, which is suitable for small children and their family to interact with each other in their backyard.

Load Equipment Height Work Height Power Area Track Length
16 Persons 11m 9.8m 93.2KW 30*47m 290m

Component Overview

The family roller coaster is mainly composed of trains, tracks, columns, lifting systems, cart devices, braking systems, pneumatic systems and control systems.


The train consists of a 1st car and 7 standard cars. Each car can take 2 people, and each train can accommodate 16 people at the same time.


The family roller coaster track is about 260 meters long.


Family roller coaster column form includes single column and column group.

Lifting system:

The lifting height of the lifting system of the equipment is 8.6m, and the lifting system includes rails, train drive systems, pedestrian ladders, and the like. When the train slowly arrives at the lifting section from the platform, the traction hook of the train is hung on the chain. The lifting system lifts the train to the top of the track by driving the motor drive chain, and then the train automatically de-chains down. This section is also equipped with anti-reverse racks. If the train encounters an unexpected situation in the lifting section, it needs to stop. The anti-reverse rack can prevent the train from rolling and play a role of anti-reverse.

Cart device:

There are 3 sets of cart devices in the operation of the equipment, which are installed in the platform area.

The cart unit consists of two motors that turn to the opposite side, propelling the train through the brakes and staying in the desired position. The track of the cart unit must be properly controlled and set according to the requirements of the relevant section of the “cart unit” for equipment maintenance and service.

Brake system:

The equipment is equipped with a pneumatic brake that is mounted in the brake zone and the brakes park the train in the brake zone.

The trolley motor in the station area has its own brake device. When getting on and off the passenger, the brakes in the station area can brake the train and stay in the predetermined position.

The pneumatic device is actuated by a solenoid valve to open the brake device. Each brake has a separate gas cylinder and air pressure panel. When the brake pressure is reduced, the high pressure air stored in the cylinder is replenished to ensure that all brakes are effectively braked.

Pneumatic system:

The compressed air required for the pneumatic system of the equipment is supplied by an air compressor. A pressure switch is installed at the end of the main air supply line to prevent the equipment from being put into operation when the air pressure is too low.

Electrical system description:

The electrical system includes SIEMENS S7-200 programmable logic controller (PLC), brake control proximity switch, vehicle body position detection proximity switch, safety lever unlock limit switch, pressure bar compression limit switch, brake status detection proximity switch, De-chain detection proximity switch, pressure switch, 2 consoles, 1 motor control center (MCC). The device is controlled by a main console in the station, enabling automatic and manual mode switching and control.

Electrical systems can only protect equipment and passengers from damage when they are foreseeable in advance. But not everything can be foreseen, operators should pay close attention to equipment dynamics to ensure the safety of visitors.

Quality Control

Our company has a dedicated quality supervision department and a professional inspection team to conduct quality control in strict accordance with standards, drawings and processes. And set up laboratories, measuring rooms, non-destructive testing rooms, heat treatment rooms, electrical testing rooms, parts testing rooms, finished product inspection rooms to ensure product quality.


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