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Project Description

Crazy wave rides, it adopts PLC industrial programming and high-torque hydraulic motor matching technology and the current international popular and domestic leading non-basic structure, which is convenient for transportation and installation;

Installation Type Load Equipment Height Work Height Power Area
no fixed 16 Persons 9.8m 5.6m 45KW 8*15m

Component Overview

This Crazy wave ride consists of a base, work lift, seat combination, transmission system, hydraulic system and electrical control system.

Base: It is a split structure for installation on a flat and solid floor. It is the load-bearing and operating platform for the entire equipment. The whole box type structure has the characteristics of simple structure, stable and beautiful appearance, high rigidity and convenient installation.

Working platform (including lifting platform): It is made up of non-slip plates. In order to make passengers convenient for upper and lower, there are steps on both sides of the middle of the platform, with inlet and outlet respectively.

Seat combination: It consists of a frame, a seat, a safety press bar, a seat belt and the like.

Hydraulic system: consists of a hydraulic motor, fuel tank, control section and executive section to power the unit.

Transmission system: It consists of the main shaft, transmission gear, slewing bearing, swivel arm and counterweight arm.

Electrical Control System: A control hub for hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components. .

The principle of operation of the device is as follows:

After the passengers are seated on the seat in turn, activate the safety bar locking system and fasten the seat belts one by one and check the tightness of the adjustment bars. After being fixed, the hydraulic system is started, and the operation is started according to the predetermined exercise program. The passengers can achieve the thrilling and exciting entertainment for the passengers in different movement directions and different speed movements.

Quality Control

Our company has a dedicated quality supervision department and a professional inspection team to conduct quality control in strict accordance with standards, drawings and processes. And set up laboratories, measuring rooms, non-destructive testing rooms, heat treatment rooms, electrical testing rooms, parts testing rooms, finished product inspection rooms to ensure product quality.


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