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Project Description

Inflatable Ice Bumper Car For Sale

Color red, green, blue, yellow, white, pink
Chassis Material steel
Operation Voltage 48v
Battery Life 240-300 minutes
Top Speed (Km/H)  low 8, mid 15, high 25
Operation Method swipe card, remote controller
Product Case Material high strength fiberglass material
Paint car paint
Net Weight 60kg

“World’s First 3rd Gen Bumper Car”

  • The Racer Bumper
  • Most Robust
  • Most Stylish
  • Most Fun

Taking Bumper Cars to the next level

Delayed Control Limited Maneuverability
Improved Responsiveness
Improved Maneuverability
Hyper Maneuverability
Fast Acceleration
Uni-body Construction
Smart Control Board

Outdoor Inflatable Ice Bumper Car Component System

  • Responsive Control System
  • Strong Weight Bearing Wheels
  • Programmable LED Lights
  • Steel Reinforced Bumper
  • Hyper Drifting Wheels
  • Full Steel Chassis
  • Uni-body Fiberglass Shell
  • Force Assisting Drifting Lever
  • Vehicle Grade Paint

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