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Project Description

Hualongrides is a professional pendulum rides equipment manufacturer in China . And selling and exporting to the world . Pendulum rides is also called giant frisbee ride. The 360° pendulum rides for sale are one of the most popular amusement rides in the past few years in theme park and carnival. Its magnificent shape and convenient transportation make passengers feel the rare experience of overweight and weightlessness while enjoying the experience of the wind and power. The passengers rotate with the turntable and do a 360-degree swing with the swing arm, making the passenger feel thrilled and exciting.

Load Equipment Height Work Height Power Area Work Angle
23 Persons 19.6m 23m 82KW 14*15m 360°
30 Persons 18m 20.5m 150KW 18*24m 100°
23 Persons 13.8m 18m 82KW 14*15m 100°

Component Overview

The equipment fully considers the actual needs of transportation and installation, and adopts microcomputer programming PLC control, which has outstanding features such as high technology content, low operating cost, simple equipment maintenance, safe and comfortable ride, and rich return on investment.

This ride is mainly composed of basic base, column, small fixed cylinder parts, turntable and seat parts, small boom, counterweight, lifting platform components, maintenance platform, transmission system and electrical control system.

1.Foundation pedestal: pre-buried by the use unit, and the four foundation pedestals are on the same level to connect and fix the equipment.

2.Column: divided into left column and right column, each column is made of a whole tube. The bottoms of the four columns are fixed to the hinge base and the base embedded base by pins. At the same time, the four columns are respectively connected with the small fixed cylinder by the method blue bolt.

3.Rotating parts: It consists of a rotating pentahedron, a rotating arm, a turntable and other components. It is used to carry the seat frame and safety attachments.

4.Small boom: the upper end is connected to the rotary fixed cylinder through the flange, and the lower end is also connected to the slewing bearing and the pentahedron through the flange. .

5.Counterweight: It is a combination of a counterweight arm and a counterweight.

6.Lifting platform components: Work platforms for passengers and staff. It is divided into two parts, and a pneumatic system is provided to control the lifting and closing of the platform.

7.Maintenance platform: The equipment maintenance personnel overhaul the working platform used for the upper parts such as lubrication motor, reducer, gear, and slewing bearing.

8.Transmission system: It consists of motor, coupling, reducer, transmission gear, slewing ring and so on. The swinging of the swing arm is driven by the output gear mounted on the reducer of the small fixed cylinder to drive the slewing bearing on the rotary fixed cylinder, and is realized by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor; the rotation of the rotary disc is output by the reducer mounted on the rotary pentahedron The gear is driven by a slewing ring.

9.Electrical Control System: A control hub for all parts of machinery and electrical.

Quality Control

Our company has a dedicated quality supervision department and a professional inspection team to conduct quality control in strict accordance with standards, drawings and processes. And set up laboratories, measuring rooms, non-destructive testing rooms, heat treatment rooms, electrical testing rooms, parts testing rooms, finished product inspection rooms to ensure product quality.


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