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Project Description

Self Control Airplane Rides For Sale

Seats 12 /16 / 20 / 24
Cabins  6/8/10/12
Height 6.8m
Power 11kw/15kw/20kw
Voltage 220/380V
Speed 0-8rpm, can be adjusted
Material FRP & National Certified Steel
Diameter 7m
Package Drum cloth, non-woven fabrics,iron racks and wooden crates packing

The self-control plane is innovative and realistic.Passengers can experience the feeling of climbing, subduction, turnover. Especially, can expire the children’s technology consciousness and imagination when children enjoy childlike happy. Passengers can control and shoot at the same time.The sound of flight and guns is realistic.

The self-control ride is composed of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and electrical systems. It is a kind of amusement device that revolves around the vertical axis and moves freely. Aircraft rocket rotation around the center and gradually increased, visitors in the flight grip the joystick free to rise and fall, each chasing, shooting.

  • Gorgeous shape
  • FRP
  • Pressure
  • High quality steel
  • Led light

Self control plane feature:

  • Its material is Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic and steel material: totally durable, firm and environmental.
  • It is painted with high quality paintings, which is not easy to fade away.
  • It is equipped with gorgeous light and exciting music.
  • It can be installed in amusement parks, parks, square and other indoor and outdoor places.
  • The equipment is produced with meticulous workmanship: safety and reliability.
  • The self control plane rides can be customized according to requirements.

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