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Project Description

Slingshot Rides For Sale

Slingshot ride for sale is a new thrill ride in Hualongrides, which is very suitable for theme parks and carnivals. This exciting slingshot ride is so popular around the world that there are many names available for the same ride: slingshot, bungee rocket, ejection seat, human slingshot bungee, reverse bungee, reverse-bungee catapult ride, and catapult bungee.

Installation Type Load Equipment Height Work Height Power Area
fixed 2 Persons 24m 32m 15KW 16*15m
no fixed 2 Persons 28m 36m 15KW 28*24m

Component Overview

The slingshot ride consists of towers, cockpits, accumulators, hydraulic systems, electromagnetic suction panels and electrical control systems.

Tower pole: consists of two groups, left and right. Each group consists of two 12m unequal-quality high-quality steel pipes connected by flanges and variable diameters. The bottom is connected to the foundation through a flange, and the top is equipped with a lightning protection device (also used as a flagpole). For the convenience of maintenance, the tower pole is provided with a climbing ladder; each set of tower poles is provided with two layers of stable ropes respectively fixed with a plurality of foundations. The tower has the characteristics of simple structure, grandeur, high rigidity and convenient installation.

Cockpit: consists of frame, seat, safety bar (rod) and seat belt.

Accumulator: It consists of a spring group, a pulley block, a guide column, a main cylinder, an upper (lower) hanging spring plate, an upper (lower) fixing plate and a guide pulley assembly. There are a plurality of sets of combined tension springs between the upper and lower hanging spring plates; two sets of parallel pulley blocks are fixed under the lower hanging spring plates and the lower fixed plates. The bottom ends of the two main cylinders are respectively fastened with the lower fixing plate, and the tops of the piston rods of the two oil cylinders are respectively fixed with the upper hanging spring plates; the four corners of the upper and lower fixing plates are respectively fixed by the guiding columns, and the four corners of the hanging spring plates are respectively provided with nylon guiding wheels and The four guiding columns of the accumulator are matched; the guiding sleeve is arranged at the center of the upper and lower hanging spring plates, and moves along the guiding column during the lifting process, so that the upper and lower hanging springs are stable and accurate in positioning. The two sets of wire ropes are output through guide wheels fixed to the upper fixed plate, respectively, through two guiding pulleys provided at the tower pole, and finally connected to the steering knuckles fixed at both ends of the cabin.

Hydraulic system: consists of a power source, a fuel tank, a control section and an execution section to power the equipment. For details, please refer to the attached manual of the hydraulic system.

Electromagnetic suction plate: consists of upper and lower parts and detection and control parts. The upper part of the suction cup is fixed to the bottom end of the cockpit, and the lower part of the electromagnet is fixed to the foundation, which is a device for locking and releasing the cockpit; at the same time, the second safety device (electric plug) and the control unit for detecting the lock of the cockpit are fixed on the foundation. In case the cabin is accidentally released.

Electrical Control System: A control hub for hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components.

Quality Control

Our company has a dedicated quality supervision department and a professional inspection team to conduct quality control in strict accordance with standards, drawings and processes. And set up laboratories, measuring rooms, non-destructive testing rooms, heat treatment rooms, electrical testing rooms, parts testing rooms, finished product inspection rooms to ensure product quality.


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