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Project Description

Windseeker ride , a newly developed flying tower amusement ride. The passengers are hung on the turntable with the ring chain of the seat, and the rotating and the combined movement of the upper and lower sides simultaneously make the passenger feel the endless pleasure of the rotating centrifugal force and the running height. The patented technology has changed the complicated structure and high cost of such amusement equipment, which has greatly reduced the purchase cost and reduced the operation and maintenance cost. It is a landmark amusement ride that integrates entertainment and thrilling.

It will surely be an ideal ride in a playground or carnival event. Get the most economic benefit with minimal operating costs.

Installation Type Load Equipment Height Work Height Power Area
fixed 36Persons 55.8m 36.8m 82KW Φ30m
fixed 32Persons 43.8m 29m 67KW Φ24m
fixed 32Persons 31.8m 18m 67KW Φ22m

Component overview

This amusement ride consists of basic, column, lifting power system, suspension and swing system, transmission system, electrical control system and other parts.

Foundation: It is the horizontal load-bearing part of the entire equipment. The lower column flange of the equipment is connected and fixed to the basic embedded part.

Column: consists of a lower column and an upper column. The lower column is fixed by flanges and anchor bolts. A guide pulley member is fixed above the upper column. The top decorative part has a lightning rod effect.

Lifting power system: It consists of hydraulic station, jacking, upper and lower pulley block, guide column, traction wire rope, weight mechanism and other components.

Hanging and swinging system: The double seat, the hanging chain and the auxiliary hanging part drive the slewing ring through the reducer, which in turn drives the rotary disk, the truss and the seat to rotate.

Transmission system: It consists of a geared motor, transmission gear, slewing ring and so on.

Electrical Control System: A control hub for all parts of machinery and electrical.

The principle of operation of the device is as follows:

When the passengers are seated on the seat in turn, the seat safety devices (bars) are fastened one by one, and the seat belts are fastened. The drive system is started and the operation is started according to a predetermined automatic program. The passengers experience various amusements such as rotation, spiraling, and spiraling in the horizontal plane under the action of higher linear velocity and centrifugal force. To achieve the entertainment purpose of making passengers feel thrilled and exciting.

Quality Control

Our company has a dedicated quality supervision department and a professional inspection team to conduct quality control in strict accordance with standards, drawings and processes. And set up laboratories, measuring rooms, non-destructive testing rooms, heat treatment rooms, electrical testing rooms, parts testing rooms, finished product inspection rooms to ensure product quality.


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