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Project Description

Tea Cup Ride For Sale

The coffee tea cup ride is one of the amusement machine products, mainly composed of a large turntable, a small turntable and a rotating cup. There are three small turntables on the big turntable, and three turntables on each small turntable. The rotor is the cockpit of the tourist. In addition to rotating around its central axis, it also rotates around the center of the small turntable. At the same time, the small turntables rotate around the center of the big turntable. The tourists sit in the cup and experience the fun of multiple compound rotations. Each cup can seat four people and is suitable for tourists of all sizes and ages. The product cup and decoration are made of FRP material, which is beautiful and vivid, which increases the fun of tourists.

Area φ12 m
High 3 m
Speed 1.85m/s
Power 12KW
Power Supply AC380V  50Hz
Number of cabins 9
Capacity 36
Runtime 3-5 min

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